Different Types of Vape Atomizers


Anyone who has been familiar with this field for a long time would tell you that this time is perfect for the assortment, as there were practically only a few types of atomizers (also called clearomizers, cartomizers, etc.). However, it may seem unclear on the contrary, it is clearly an advantage, as everyone can choose exactly according to their own taste and need.

Atomizers have undergone considerable evolution since their beginnings, and at first glance they are widening with their larger width. Significant differences, however, have also occurred inside, although some technologies have remained unchanged. The principle of each atomizer is in a resistance wire coiled into a spiral that is heated by its electric current supply, and as this spiral is inserted through the spiral (possibly wrapped around the spiral) soaked with the e-liquid, it leads it directly to the spiral which evaporates it by heating it.


Vape Atomizer Groups

Vape Atomizers for factory heads (Replacement Heads)

These atomizers are especially designed for those who do not have fun or have no time to create their own glow heads. These atomizers typically have a spirally formed factory that is housed within the metal sheath with the specified power / temperature range. This head is not easy to overwhelm and it is necessary to replace it with a new head after its burning or worsening taste. At the same time, however, it also offers a certain luxury in that it is only possible to unscrew the old head, screw it in with a new one, fill the tank with an e-liquid and after approx. the atomizer can be used again for five minutes. Often, there is also a choice of several types of factory heads, and therefore they can find anyone who does not like to do their best for any reason. However, there are also exceptions and some atomizers can also get a lightly decomposed head, the so-called RBA, which is ready to install its own spirals. Tanks are referred to simply because they are part of the e-liquid tank.

DIY atomizers (Rebuildabling Atomizers)

DIY atomizers are in some cases identical to tanks, but the main difference is that factory heads are not produced for them, but the decomposing head is directly part of the atomizer. It contains two or more “pins” with holes, collectively referred to as the “base”, into which the resulting spiral or more spirals are placed. The spiral can be placed directly into the head so prepared and can be easily replaced at any time. These atomizers may or may not have an e-liquid tank. Their greatest advantage is flexibility, as what type of wire, the number of turns, how much wool you choose, and what performance / temperature the spiral will be, is up to you.


Vape Atomizer RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

This type is a direct analogue of the atomizer on the factory head, except that the glow head is completely in your direction. It is placed in a so-called “boiler room” It also contains a tank for the amount of e-liquid and is therefore intended for all who like their own spirals and want to use the atomizer without any further needs. Most often, these tanks have a lower air supply to the spiral.

RDA Vape Atomizers (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

These atomizers, often referred to as “drips” or “drips”, are most often used to taste new flavors; they are not a “reservoir” and the e-liquid drips directly onto the spatula. One lock will only hold on to a few covers, then you need to rewind the wool. Practically, this is only a so-called boiler room, but increased to the size of the whole atomizer. This type is especially popular for believable flavor, as these types of atomizers often have direct air intake from the side to the spiral and are thus used not only for tasting, but also for moments of home comfort, when you have time and taste to snap.

RDTA Vape Atomizers (Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer)

As you have already figured out when reading the title, this option is based on the idea of ​​combining direct air intake from the RDA atomizer and the “tank” to the e-liquid from the RTA atomizer. This concept is also very popular because it combines the major benefits of each. In principle, this is an RDA atomizer, which is enriched with an e-liquid tank underneath, but there are also exceptions when the RDA is underneath and the tank is over. This exception is primarily the popular Aromamizer series from Steam Crave.

Squonk Atomizers

Although the name is completely different from the previous species, it is practically just an RDA atomizer superstructure, when the atomizer does not climb from the top but has a hole in the thread of the atomizer. As a result, it is not necessary to permanently remove the top part due to dripping. For this type of atomizer, it is necessary to have a special Squonker mode, which is customized and contains a bottle that is filled with e-liquid and then directly in the mode squeezes, thereby e-liquid out through the opening to the cotton. Atomizers are sold separately, but they are often also part of the kit, as is the case with  Kangertech Dripbox  in the picture.

Choosing an Atomizer to Fit Your Needs

Now we’ve dealt with individual types of atomizers by type, but there’s one more basic thing here, and that’s the kind of use. Each atomizer of any of these groups may either be for the so-called “jamming” , ie the cover first in the mouth and then pulled into the lungs, or a direct coating in the lungs .

MTL Atomizers and Tanks

Classic cigarettes most closely resemble the very “gutting”, referred to as MTL – from the English connection Mouth to Lung = from the mouth to the lungs. These atomizers are characterized above all by higher wire resistance, narrower mouthpiece and smaller air holes. This is why the coating is heavier and similar to classic cigarettes.

DTL Atomizers

Many vapers like it, and also the reason for switching from cigarettes, show the possibility of blowing bigger clouds of steam, which is not possible with classic cigarettes. This method is referred to as DTL – from English Direct to Lung = directly into the lung, sometimes also using the shorter version of DL or CCH – Cloud Chasing = blowing of clouds. This is the same cover as the hookah. Compared to MTL atomizers, DTL atomizers have larger openings for air suction, wider mouthpiece and lower wire resistance. The cover is therefore longer and looser.

Practically, it is possible to use the DTL atomizer even on the MTL, but the enjoyment will not really be the same as the atomizer directly designed for it, so if you are looking for both versions, it is better to buy a particular atomizer for each. There are also some atomizers on the market, which are called “something between” and are supplied with factory heads for both glare and direct cover. So, if you are not sure enough about which application you want to suit, you can also look at such hybrids as the Kanger Subtank Mini, which contains a glowing head for both glare and direct coating.