5 Best RTA Vape Tanks for Flavor and Clouds 2021

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The best RTA Vapes give you a great combination of flavor and clouds. Many vapers are choosing RTAs because they allow you to rebuild the coil and they provide a tank section where you can store your favorite E-Liquid!

We have carefully analyzed the RTAs we are presenting as the best RTA Vapes right now. These RTA Vape Tanks provide a great combination of both flavor and clouds. Our list takes in to consideration the best-selling RTAs on the market right now as well as desired specifications. These specifications include ease of use, quality build designs, material conductivity, durability, and much more! Since you know the differences in tanks, you know RTAs are the best.

Best RTAs

1. Augvape Intake RTA

The collaboration of renowned reviewer MikeVapes and the leading brand AugVape brings fruit in the form of a new RTA tank with a diameter of 24mm. Intake boasts several interesting features plus unmatched flavor and clouds. Stainless steel construction with a wide glass body offers a low 810 (Goon) mouthpiece and a top adjustable air intake just below the spiral. As a result, Intake does not encounter problems with the flow of e-liquid when properly used. Even though the RTA vape tank makes the impression of a very airy atomizer, the cover is pleasingly tightened and you can enjoy a pleasant grip directly around the lungs around 30-40W.

A simple base with two contacts allows easy installation of one spiral. Places are enough for 3mm spirals. Widths are also wide enough for cotton wool. The base is in the RTA design, so it is slightly raised, the end of the wadding is stretched through it and feeds the e-liquid to the spiral. It will surely please a larger volume of 4.2ml. In the case of frequent filling, you can rely on a practical top filling system where you can swing the top of the tank. Large holes can easily handle any bottle.

Augvape intake Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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2. Wofofo Profile Unity RTA Vape Tank

Wotofo continues in the tradition of rebuildable competition atomizers with its brand new Tank Profile Unity RTA. As for the dripper Profile RDA, the brand has bet on the mesh resistors.

With a diameter of 25 mm, this rebuildable atomizer will fit all mods on the market. Its simple and effective design is enhanced by a new drip tip with a marbled appearance.

Discreet but elegant, this RTA Vape is equipped with an adjustable airflow ring that suggests 4 holes … This air intake produces a denser vapor and offers a better rendering of flavors. The filling of the tank of 3.5 ml of capacity is done simply by the top!

The most remarkable is probably the deck, similar to the dripper version. There is therefore a mounting plate for the establishment of a conventional coil or mesh . This material will offer a better heating surface, a dense vapor and very good flavors! One of the best rta vape tanks you can get for clouds as well.

Best wotofo Unity RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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3. Geek Vape Creed RTA

Extremely powerful RTA for two spirals with large air intakes and bottom and side airflow options? This is the new Creed RTA from GeekVape, capable of pronounced flavor and clouds. From the base of 25mm diameter, the atomizer extends upwards until we reach the 30mm glass around the glass. Thanks to that, we have a wonderful volume of 6.5ml. However, the biggest attraction is, of course, the base, which boasts original air inlets or adapters, with which, in addition to the lower inlet, you will enjoy in the RTA vape tank even the side.

The simple base with two contacts can handle two spirals with a diameter of 3mm without any problem and depending on which adapter you use, you will influence the amount of steam and taste. If you only prefer lower air intake, simply place the chamber without holes on the base. For extra side airflow, two chambers with differently designed holes are provided for the exact air supply you want.

Geek Vape Creed Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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4. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

The cooperation of reviewer Vapin Heathen and Hellvape continues with a new atomizer. After RDA, the beautiful Dead Rabbit RTA comes to us. In many color variations, with top air intake, proven base and perfect features, Dead Rabbit RTA tank offers an excellent coating directly into the lungs full of rich taste. A simple, stainless steel construction with a glass body is basically just 2ml, but with a wide body you can take up to 4.5ml. You cannot miss the colorful 810 (Goon) mouthpiece for a pleasantly free cover.

Although the type of atomizer is changing, the base remains the same, and continues to deliver awesome flavor and clouds. The high-mounted four contacts provide plenty of space for easy installation of two glowing spirals. The ends of the spiral pass through the contacts to the base, and their cutting is not a problem. Richly fluffy wool simply sit in the side canals that supply your spirals with e-liquid. Thanks to the upper air intake, Dead Rabbit RTA vape tank is resistant to protection. The chamfered holes feed the air directly into the chamber to the spirals where they mix with the steam generated.

Dead Rabbit Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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5. Vandy Vape Revolver RTA Tank

With the Revolver RTA by Vandy Vape you get a real weapon against bland liquid taste in the house. Thanks to its revolutionary Airflow Control you can adjust the draft resistance in many different variations producing killer flavor and clouds.

In addition, friends of simple windings will get their money’s worth with this high-quality single coil deck. Due to its diameter of 25 mm, the revolver can easily be combined with the most common battery carriers and box mods.

We delivered the revolver RTA Vape tank with a capacity for liquid of 3.0 ml. Here, however, the liquid capacity can be extended to 5.0 ml with the included Bubble replacement glass.

The real highlight of the Vandy Vape revolver is certainly the individually configurable Airflow. Unlike many other evaporators, the revolver not only lets you adjust the airflow opening, it also changes the way the sucked air hits the coil. You have the choice between 3 different configurations – from the targeted control of the coil to the large-area air distribution.

Replenishing your fluid is especially easy with the VandyVape Revolver RTA vape . Simply unscrew the top cap and fill your tank with one of the two filler openings. Then unscrew the top cap again and you can continue to enjoy your favorite liquid in peace.

Revolver Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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6. Innokin Ares MTL RTA

The category of motors atomizers for the hip-puddle coating is beginning to fill properly. Quality MTL tanks are growing at an unprecedented pace, and another truly top RTA is Innokin Ares. It was created in collaboration with this leading brand and two distinguished personalities of vaping in the USA by Phil Busard and Dimitris Agrafiotis. Those Innokins handed over their rich experience and knowledge in MTL vaping and created the Ares RTA Vape Tank.

Precision design from high-quality materials and a sense of detail promote Ares RTA over common atomizers. On the platform, a single base for one spiral with a lower air inlet offers a completely seamless installation of spirals and wadding, but also a smooth e-liquid supply and perfect air intake. Its control is classic at the base and can be fully customized. Whether you like a looser multi-hole cover or just one small hole for the toughest cover, Ares RTA vape tank can handle it.  Producing that MTL flavor but dual coil size clouds

Innokin Ares MTL Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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7. Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA Tank

The Geek Vape Zeus Double Coil RTA is the transition to the incredible Zeus 26mm Seal RTA with a leak-proof technology and a single coil or dual-coil structure deck. The construction deck features a postless design with four 3mm terminals and 5mm x 4mm expansion slots. Zeus has a three-dimensional airflow platform and several airflow channels for optimum flavor.

The Central Built-in Airflow uses a 6 mm air slot, while the internal airflow uses an inclined airflow design. The air flow enters Zeus on the top of the atomizer with a pair of 3mm double 10mm. The 11mm tapered bore included 810 delrin drip tip, 510 drip tip and 510 drip tip adapter with RTA. The electronic cigarette liquid quarter turn enters Zeus with a top filling system and can hold up to 4 ml with standard printing. There is a silicon ring to prevent you from leaking under the top cover. By Geek Vape Zeus is the perfect choice for Vapers, who build deck, enjoy great cloud production and flavor.

Thanks to the upper air duct, you will not encounter problems such as drainage. Suitable for single coil and dual coil winding great for fine tuning flavor and clouds.

Zeus Dual Best RTA Vape Tanks for flavor and clouds 350

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